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Unsolved murder of Joy Hayward in Chester Pa.

Unsolved murder of Joy Hayward in Chester Pa.
This is the story that we have been able to piece together from different sources over the past 18 months.
On Feb 11, 2004 SWF 28 year old Joy Hayward had a heated arguement with her boyfriend Mike Lett who she was visiting in Chester, Pa. They were staying at the home of one of his co-workers at the Boeing plant were he was on temporary assignment. He permenatly lived and worked in Jacksonville, N.C. where he and Joy shared a home with a local Marine and his girlfriend who were renting a room from Mike. The girlfriend was also a friend and former roommate of Joy's from Salisbury, Md. Joy had left Salisbury in July 2003 to live with Mike in Jacksonville. She had spent the previous eight years in Salisbury where she was a graduate of Salisbury University. She was born and raised in Annapolis, Md. Like I said, Mike and Joy had an arguement that night and Joy left the place they were staying and checked into the Days Inn a few miles away in Chester Pa. at 1:38am Feb 12, 2004. She was given a room on the 6th floor (not sure of the room number). According to the police she was alone and did not go up to her room at this time. After checking in she left the hotel and for the next 90 minutes we don't know where she was or who she was with. Then according to the desk clerk at the Days Inn she returned at around 3:00am and although he wasn't able to remember exactly what she said she briefly spoke with him before getting on the elevator. The desk clerk also said that as she was getting on the elevator a black male in his early 30's followed her. According to police a short time later Joy called the front desk and said that she had a situation and that she needed help then the phone line went dead. No action was taken by the desk clerk. The next day it was discovered that she had been murdered in her hotel room. The hotel cleaning staff found her body in the bathtub at around 4:00pm on the 12th. She was thought to have been dead for 12 hours. Police investigating the scene said that the beds were made with her clothes neatly folded on one of them. There were Newport and Marlboro light cigarette butts found floating in water in the ice bucket. Her cell phone was missing as was another cell phone that belonged to her boyfriend Mike. Mike told police that she had taken both cell phones that night because she was mad and didn't want him to call her. I called Joy's cell phone sometime late the night of the 12th and a man answered it but wouldn't identify himself and quickly hung up. Police initially questioned Mike but after the DNA came back as that of a black male then they knew that another person must be involved because Mike is a white male.
On the night of the 13th I spoke with Chester homecide Detective Bothwell who ask me how well I had known my sister and was indicating that she may have been a prostitute. I guess that a young female checking into a hotel alone in Chester, Pa. and ends up raped and murdered is automatically thought to be a prostitute. These initial unfounded assumptions by the police and a fax loaded with lies about Joys sexual behavior from some sick deranged woman who didn't know Joy and was only trying to get attention for herself allowed 4 days of waisted time to be put in between the time of the murder and the man who commited it.
About one month later I was contacted by a Detective from the Delaware County Homecide unit. Chester Pa. is in Delaware County Pa. Myself along with our other sister Dorothy and my husband went to his office in Media, Pa. to review the case and the evidence they had gathered. We were shown pictures of the crime scene and read testimony from different people close to the case. At that time and for several months after that we were treated well by the detectives and encouraged to communicate with them as much as we could. We were also encouraged to contact the local crimestoppers which we did and we even offered a $10,000 reward for help in solving the crime.
On May 28th a reporter Rose Quinn with the local Delaware county newspaper the Daily Times wrote an artical about Joy's murder. In the artical there were some references made to some of the clues and testimony that we had previously been shown. Within a few days we spoke with the Delaware County Detective handling Joy's case and he angrily told us that he could no longer share information with us about the case and now rarely speaks with us and has been cold and very cynical toward us ever since. Our emotions have since been on a rollercoaster ride going from saddeness to anger, to helplessness to feeling abandoned. My husband believes that there must be some kind of cover up being played out here and that the longer they shut us out the quicker we will go away. We don't know what to do right now but I will never stop trying to find out who killed my wonderful sister Joy nor will I go away. I leave messages for the police to call me but they hardly ever do. We offered to hire a P.I. but were told the police would not co operate with him.
If you know anything or have anything to say or add or if you found a Nextel cell phone or answered it around this period of time please let us know. Or you can contact the Delaware County Police.
I'd also like to thank anyone who takes the time to read this story and can offer any help or information it will be greatly apprieciated. Thank you. Kathi

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Submit this murder to America's Most Wanted, the details on how to do this are here :
Dear Kathi,
It has been a while since I have searched for information on Joy's
death. I have a daily ritual of examining the Delaware County Times in hopes that an arrest has been made. I conducted an investigation of my ownm, and have
some info I can share. Please e-mail me.
Hiring a privite investigator is a good idea. They will not be subject to any police "cover-up", and they will get more info from locals than do the police. The only way to crack this case is from the inside...where a PI can get in.
I am a friend of Joy's from Salisbury anything I can do to help I will.
Bill Weeks
my e-mail is
I want to see this bastard whomever he is brought to justice.
My Condolences to the Hayward Family
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Hi Koo Koo, it's Jon. Reading this makes me think of what a sick person her killer must be. Everytime i think of her, all i can think of is how great of a person she was, and how i wish they would find this sick bastard. I miss you all Koo Koo, and I hope we find this sick bastard.
So its August 2006. Has anything else been done?
leave me a comment
hi i live near chester pa and i heard about the crime some time ago, have they ever solved the crime yet?? and dont the days inn have cameras in their hallways??
Hi Amanda. No, they have not solved this crime yet. The Days Inn has cameras, but they were out of order at that time. I did my own investigation in Chester, but as you might guess, I didn't get any answers. However, I could tell that some people knew something about the crime. The impression I got in Chester was never drop a dime on matter what. Thanks for your inquiry, and please pray for closure.
Three years has passed with no arrest. My heart and hope is with Joy's family.
Hi Kathi,
Not sure if you remember me, I was Joys best friend in high school. Just checking to see if there was any news, i miss her so much.
have the police looked into the idea that "possibly" Joy's boyfriend was dating the black man seen in her hotel? This may be the case because this would explain the heated arguement and the fact that he could be .... could ignite his murderous rage.
please leave this blog to serious inquiries. the people reading these postings are mourning.
.......something odd happened that night......

God rest her soul.

So tell me more about you Mike Lett. Where did you grow up? How long were you dating Joy? What were your intentions? Where did you meet her?
Please find out if the police in your area have looked into either of the cell phone records. Cell phone signals can be picked up and are recorded as to a location. Please find out if this was done.
Will always love you Joy......
Fours years and no closure. Its tragic that those who love Joy still suffer, while her murderer walks free. One can only hope that karma will serve justice.
Still heart broken.....
IT HAS BEEN 4 1/2 YEAR. Someone know something. It is time to talk.
The DNA needs to be check again the data base.
The bastard is in there, or will be one of these days
Kathi and I have also started a group in Facebook to help find the murderer.

"Joy~ Kathi and I will never give up the fight. We are the ones who love you and will continue to fight for your justice!"
I miss Joy terribly and regret that we grew apart shortly before she died. Has there been any news at all recently?
I just wanted to say that I am so sorry for your loss. I live close to chester and read the article in the Daily Times. I am praying they find this horrible person. I can't believe that the Day's Inn employee never sent anyone to her room when she called. I will keep you all in my prayers. May God Bless you all.
The Delaware County podunk cops don't have the street smarts to find anyone. Do they solve any crimes there?
I don't understand why you continue to write only negative remarks about the police. Joy wouldn't have been murdered if you, as her 'fiance' had taken care of her.....instead, you just sent her out into the crime scene, and didn't even look for her. Odd.
You are a heartless, ignorant wretch that Joy had nothing good to say I know why. I investigated..what have you done besides chastise others involved?
Oh, I see your are the same angry drunk that you've always been. I wonder who your punching bag is now. You were just a fling to Joy, now just go away. I'm calling my attorney tomorrow. You see, I'm not afraid of the legal system and I, unlike you, have never and will never fail a lie detector test when it comes to Joy's murder.
There were three things you said that make absolute zero sense to me.

1. she spoke to the person at the front desk but he don't remember what she said. Ok a young woman is missing I would remember every single detail

2. She called down to the front desk and said she had a situation and the line went dead but no one went to check on her. OK a young woman checked into a hotel alone some man that is not on the guest registry followed her she calls because of a situation and the line goes dead and no one checks on her?

3. conveniently after all of the negligence of the people who are running this hotel the security cameras are not in working order even though it is a major hotel chain?

has anyone investigated the person or persons who were running the front desk the night she had been murdered? those statements are just too much of a coincidence to ignore. Please let me know and if you have any other details that were not included please contact me at I would like to take a special interest in this as it's too bizarre I an in no way an investigator but I'm pretty good at figuring things out.
I have working knowledge of the Chester PD and believe me they honestly do not care. It is up to your family to make them care. Make this a high profile case. Call newspapers local to Chester and local to you and defame them and the Mayor for allowing this to happen it is your only chance to put life back into your sisters case. Stay Strong and I wish you peace for you and your family.
I'm very sorry for your loss and hope you find peace. I live and work in the area of Chester and there was a campaign against talking to police; but that has changed and a friend of mine who is a Chester resident said that getting the info out about the reward is important; he said it's usually a family member who turns the person in for the cash. Get that reward info out there. I didn't know about it and I read the Delco Daily Times everyday.
In PA a PI can not be involved in an active criminal investigation. However if the case was declared to be a suspicious death you can hire a PI. Only hire a PI whom was an experienced state-level (state police) homicide detective. I would also advise as a former PI and cyber forensics expert to go through any computer hard drive used by the decedent. Typically the best approach is to use the services of both the PI and the investigative forensics expert to help bring closuer.
From former Det. Chuck PI & Licensed Forensics Investitaor

In PA a PI can not be involved in an active criminal investigation. However if the case was declared to be a suspicious death you can hire a PI. Only hire a PI whom was an experienced state-level (state police) homicide detective. I would also advise as a former PI and cyber forensics expert to go through any computer hard drive used by the decedent. Typically the best approach is to use the services of both the PI and the investigative forensics expert to help bring closuer.
Kathy I am so sorry for your loss. I knew Joy well and she was such a great person. We went to Annapolis Senior High together and were very good friends unfortunately we lost touch after we graduated. I hope they catch whom ever did this and I hope the police start helping try to solve this case instead of stone walling you and your family.
This February will be 10 years since my sister Joy was murdered. For 10 years we have mourned, while the man who killed her, as well as the man who knows who killed her are running free.
Hopefully the killer will be caught soon.

A couple questions. When she called the front desk to ask for help, did she ask calmly (like the way someone would ask for help if the TV remote wasn't working). Or was it a plea of desperation?

If it was obviously a plea of desperation, why didn't the Days Inn clerk do something?

Second, you called her cell and someone answered. Did the police also think to try that, and if so, do you know if they recorded it?

Sound like the cops in your area are incompetent, angry, and talentless. Hopefully you can get justice for your sister some day soon.
I'm sorry for the loss of your sister.

The hotel clerk should have called police immediately. Regarding the quality of the investigation, it seems a bit strange to make the prostitute comments. Unless she has a police record or history of drugs and/or drinking, I'm wondering why they would go down that road.

I can, however, understand why they stopped sharing info with you. Family members revealing even the tiniest of details that were previously withheld from the public are potentially undermining the case, although unintentionally. If someone is ever charged with her murder & put on trial it could result in the killer getting off.
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